To use our service please call: 0300 800 1907

Mon – Thurs (7pm – 7 am)    Weekends 24/7 (Fri 7pm – Mon 7am)

Items we transport


We are happy to deliver any of the following items:

  • Blood for transfusion, platelets, or other blood products which must be supplied to us in the appropriate insulated packaging. Our bikes are fitted with a rack so that we can take the largest insulated box with ease.
  • Blood, urine, or other tissue samples for analysis by pathology and microbiology laboratories, all of which are transported in accordance with regulation UN3373.
  • Medication between hospitals or for delivery to a private address.
  • X-Rays, scans and CD-ROMs
  • Patient notes
  • Frozen breast milk
  • Any other medical items or small pieces of medical equipment such as syringes and cannulas

Please bear in mind we use bikes equipped with panniers and an external rack, so don’t ask us to carry a large item like a wheelchair – people have asked! All items must be signed for at pick up and delivery.

We have arrangements with most of the major hospitals to use facilities such as switchboard, porters lodge or Accident & Emergency if a particular department will be closed when we pick up or deliver. 

The charity currently runs five bikes in day-to-day service plus five spares. We use liveried FJR 1300 and BMW RT1200 bikes fitted with hi viz markings so that items can be delivered safely and quickly. This enables riders to make safe progress through congested traffic more effectively than any alternatives.