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Deliveries to private addresses


We may make occasional deliveries of medical supplies to private addresses or nursing homes only if no other transport is available. This category of job frequently causes problems; we will not undertake them as a regular requirement. We ask you to understand that we will only make such deliveries under the following conditions: 

  • We will not deliver non-medical or non-urgent items e.g. a patient’s personal possessions.
  • We must be supplied with a telephone number, and a full address with post-code. Please ensure that somebody will be in to receive the package at the doorstep. If you cannot provide a contact number for the delivery address then we will refuse to accept the job.
  • On weekday evenings we will only accept jobs that we can deliver before 9pm. This is because we have had several instances where the arrival of a biker late at night has caused significant concern or distress to the recipient. We will also call the patient to ensure there is someone expecting us to make a delivery and that there will be someone to receive (sign for) the delivery.
  • We are very happy to make a delivery to a medical professional such as a midwife or community nurse attending a patient’s home. However, a telephone number must be given so that we can confirm times and directions.
  • Deliveries are undertaken at the rider’s discretion. We reserve the right to refuse a delivery if there is any potential or perceived threat to the rider’s personal safety.