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Use of Spare Bikes

Here is some guidance for organising a bike for fundraising (or other approved off duty Freewheeler activity):


It is the responsibility of the Fundraising organiser (or those asked to organise a bike) to make contact with the relevant members, to arrange collection / delivery of the bike and that person will take formal possession during that event or period. The Events manager at will have the knowledge of which bikes are available/spare and can be used for fundraising, bike familiarisation, ride checks etc. The current status of bike whereabouts can also be found on Fleetio system. Note that if we are very short on bikes, duty service will come first – clearly – but every effort is always made to ensure availability for these important fundraising events and other activities. We can delay a service event or expedite maintenance if necessary.


  1. Consult the Tracker system (Scorpion) to quickly see where the bikes currently are if that helps your decision about which spare /available bike to take. If you need a login, please ask the Bike Maintenance Officer. The Tracker System is obviously more useful when you need to collect the bike.
  2. Once you know which bike you are targeting, the Events team will update the event title on the events calendar to : “My Big Fundraising Event (Bike n)”. Then everyone can see which bike is in use for the event / bike familiarisation / ride assessment and they won’t try and grab it instead! An example entry for the event title might be: “Sainsburys – Weston Super Mare (Bike 6)” or “Ride Assessment – Bike 12”
  3. You can then proceed to make arrangements to collect and return the bike with the member who will have possession at that time.
  4. You MUST tell the duty coord (or duty BMO if no day coord) that you have possession of the bike and that you have completed a handover form
  5. You MUST complete a handover form if you take responsibility for a bike- for any reason or purpose. When you take a bike or receive a bike back – even if it is just sitting on your drive as a spare machine. Without this we don’t know who has what bike and an inordinate amount of time is wasted trying to track it down. Therefore, from the handover submission information, it should be easily possible to see who has responsibility each and every bike and it’s current status (On Duty, Off Duty, Spare, Fundraising, Maintenance etc).
  6. If you have any doubts about this guidance, or getting hold of a bike generally please feel free to contact the duty BMO or the Events manager for help. We are more than happy to advise. Please Note: Depending on when you take possession of the bike, there are 2 options for an On duty an Off duty bike handover form – please make sure you complete the correct one as they require different levels of information to be populated for operational use .v. spare. ALL fields must be completed whichever form is used along with the disclaimer before the form can be submitted.