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The Coordinator Role 

The coordinator is the single point of contact for both riders and the organisations that utilise the Freewheelers EVS service.
Training information for the coordinator role can be found in the Training section on the website

As a coordinator you are in a team partnership with the rider to make best use of the charity’s time and resources. Thinking of coordinating in this way helps to identify the information and support riders will find useful and appreciate.

The coordinator is not an autocratic boss. A collaborative approach with your riders (who may have years of experience as riders and/or coordinators themselves) works much better for everyone involved.


The elements of the role are as follows:

  • Assess riders’ fitness to ride. Work with riders to maximise their safety
  • Be the single point of contact for Freewheelers EVS charity service users, riders* and other Bloodbike groups for the duration of a shift.
  • Project a professional and positive image of the charity to service users and the public.
  • Monitor rider ‘fatigue’ / time on duty.  Where appropriate summon assistance using the on call rota or advising callers of a delay / cancellation of a job
  • Assess and log job requests and allocate to the most appropriate resource from within the charity.
  • Assist riders’ journey planning as required with detailed information on pick up and destination location, navigation, traffic and weather information, contact with service users, etc.
  • Identify and mitigate hazardous consignments.
  • Limit mileage & hence costs to the Charity
  • Record use of the charity’s vehicle assets and report any incidents, however minor, to the charity’s bike maintenance officer.
  • Seek advice and support from within the charity as required. Escalate issues to one or more committee member when appropriate (in your judgement. Better too much communication than too little).
  • Prepare a summary of bike location and status for the next coordinator.
  • Report job statistics and notable events to the membership at the end of the shift and send detailed job record to the statistics officer.

 * Where the term “rider” is used the meaning applies to Freewheelers EVS members using any form of transport.