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Rider Training

Mandatory Training for safe handling of blood and infectious substances

All Freewheelers volunteers – riders and coordinators – must complete the following mandatory training course on the safe handling of blood products and infectious substances. The training material should be read and understood when joining Freewheelers and at 2-yearly intervals thereafter. The renewal is linked to the member’s ID card and the Annual Return. You will be sent a list of multiple-choice questions by the membership secretary when you join and when you need to renew.

  • • New members should email their answers, when requested to, <ahref=””>
  • • Existing members should include their answers in their Annual Return at their 2-yearly renewal.

Mandatory GMP and safe handling training course can be downloaded here or from the downloads section of the website It is a legal requirement that all biological samples are carried in approved containers marked with the UN3373 diamond. Riders are responsible for ensuring this whether using our containers or those provided by the hospital. This applies whether using the Charity’s vehicles or private vehicles when making deliveries.

Shadow Ride (mandatory), Bike Familiarisation (mandatory) and Tour of the Patch (optional)

These are all provided during a new member’s riding induction and are not normally repeated. If a rider begins riding on a new patch for them, then a Shadow Ride for the new patch can be arranged.  Bike familiarisation is covered in the workshop session which is also part of the induction