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Rider Information

Training information for riders can be found in the Training section on the website

Bike Handover

Use the online Bike Handover Form before the start of your shift. If you cannot do this then please do your basic POWDDERRS checks and send SMS confirmation to the coordinator. You must complete the handover checks and submit the handover form as soon as possible. Please note – unless there is an Emergency, or other exceptional circumstances, you will not be allocated any jobs until the coordinator sees a completed handover form on the website
To assist with your handover checks, you might also want to look at the How to check oil levels for BMW’s and if you are riding one of the newer model BMW’s you should watch tutorial here

Rider delivery tickets

Please send all your delivery receipts immediately after shift end to Job Stats (Bill Fry) at 31 Eagle Drive, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 5RH.

Bike Fuel Receipts

There is no need to keep these as supplier records are sufficient, HOWEVER you must still record the correct mileage when paying for fuel.

Complaints regarding rider conduct

In line with our constitution, you represent the charity and are expected to conduct yourself in line with our objectives. In the event of a complaint from a member of the public(this can be made anonymously), Compliments and Complaints – Our Policy will be used to complete any investigation. Should a complaint be upheld, riders will be subject to the following:

  • A formal verbal warning will be given.
  • If a similar event occurs within 12 months – a 2nd written warning will result in removal from the current rota (and following rota at the discretion of the trustees)
  • At the discretion of the trustees the rider may be required to complete an internal rider assessment as a part of any return to the rota.
  • Conviction of a criminal offence using a charity vehicle will be considered gross misconduct and the rider will be excluded from using charity vehicles and subject to a full investigation. Note: Any driving conviction must be notified to the membership secretary else any vehicle insurance may be invalid.


Using your own bike or car

Freewheelers acknowledges that there are times when it may be necessary to use your own bike or car e.g. when the duty bike breaks down, an off-rota job, or poor weather conditions.

Using your own vehicle is optional, you are under no obligation to do so. However, if you do then you are doing this at your own risk, on your own insurance. If you do use this the you must have the appropriate level of insurance.

Many companies will cover you under the normal SD&P use as “its for charity”. Others may insist on class 1 business use. You must confirm this with your own insurance company. Do not just assume you are covered.

The letter below may be a useful tool to confirm cover with your insurer. We will not need to see any confirmation of cover as this is at your own volition.

Freewheelers will reimburse you at the HMRC-approved rate for motorcycles (regardless of whether you use bike or car) of 24p/mile. This “approved rate” is set to cover both the cost of fuel, insurance and wear&tear.

If you choose not to seek reimbursement then we would still ask you to submit a mileage claim so we can see the true cost of our work. We would need to settle the expenses to your own account, and you may then choose to make a donation to Freewheelers for a similar amount whereby we can also claim Gift Aid.

Go to the Downloads section for a Mileage claim form, or contact Treasurer if require more information
Insurance letters can also be found on the Downloads section if required

Bike technical documentation

Picking up a dropped bike

When you drop the bike you may find the following video useful. That’s the first thing to do when you drop the bike. The second thing you should do is tell the coordinator. We are still detecting unreported damage to the bikes.