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Members resources page

These pages are confidential and access is only permitted by members of Freewheelers EVS.

Welcome to the new website  format which coincides with the launch of our new financial year starting next week on 1st April.
We know there are some areas still being refreshed including event calendar updates and the news page will be updated.   If you have any observations, please drop a note onto the #websitechangerequests channel on slack system or drop me an email (


Key Roles

The attached file is an organisation overview of the key roles and who is doing them to help run the charity on a day to day basis – updated in March 22
Organisation Chart

Communication with other members

For Coord end of shift reports – please email summary to Megan via who can circulate to the whole membership on your behalf.
The Coord call sheet file should be sent to as soon as possible after your shift finishes.

For shift swaps and operational discussion, please use Slack – make sure you have notifications switched on so you’ll find out about other peoples’ messages
For general event discussion or informal posts – please use the Facebook group.

Access to Slack and Facebook members only group area all provided during induction – if you have any issues please reach out to membership secretary first.

Membership meetings

Membership meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month
Start time 8pm but arrive earlier at pub location for food and social chat
Venue for the meetings is being rotated –
MAY   3rd 2022 will be held at the Pig & Wheel pub, Bath road, Chilton Poldon Hill  Bridgwater, TA7 9AH

Air Ambulance Procedures

SOP no: 012 has all the relevant details required and can be found under the members / downloads/ membership information / standard operating procedures folder

SOP no:004  applies.    When arranging a handover between riders , whether across our own patches, or to another blood bike group eg. Cornwall or SERV groups, it is a simple swap of boxes – one full one for one empty one. There is no requirement to empty yours to put the contents into theirs as this will expose the contents, even if just for a minute, to different temperatures and potential for contamination. If crossing our own patch, please ensure BOTH riders have a milk box to swap and after the job is complete, an empty box is returned to the designated ‘home’ location
Exception: Devon however are the ONLY exception – they insist on swapping contents as want to ensure they are collecting the correct milk. Therefore before swapping get their name for your records and then ensure they do the whole removal of contents from your milk box and put in theirs as they have chosen to break that cold chain going against NICE guidelines.

Cornwall, South West Bloodbikes & Devon Handovers

PLEASE NOTE: HANDOVER with Cornwall Bloodbikes, South West Bloodbikes or Devon Freewheelers is at JCN 28 COLLUMPTON SERVICES WHICH IS 24/7 please meet in the services not the garage.


## Membership list and contact details ##

The Fleetio system contains alot of useful info including membership details and bike issues. It can be accessed from

Login: each member has their own username and password
for read only access.

For a guide on use of the fleetio system refer to this You Tube Video

 Shift Swaps

  • If you become unable to do an allocated shift, you need to arrange for another to replace you.  The onus falls on you to arrange a replacement, not the rota manager.  🙂
    Please arrange a swap by dropping a note onto the relevant slack channel for your shift category, then advise rota manager of any volunteers to check eligibility.
    General Bike related advice
  • As a rider, you are not authorised to fix bikes.  That includes changing bulbs.  You need to report any problem with the bikes to the co-ord who will advise the BMO.  Fixes (including bulbs changes) must be performed via a Pit Stop or at an authorised service agent (A&S, Dick Lovetts etc).
  • Please endeavour to handover a clean bike to the incoming rider with a full tank of fuel and advise of any issues you know about.
  • Any issues with the bikes, please report them.  BMO’s don’t often have access to the bikes to check them so are totally reliant upon the rider checks (handovers) for issues to be reported.  Anything you notice needs reporting – even things you might think are minor like scuffed decals.

## Fundraising ##

Member support is always needed at publicity and fundraising events. Here is a list of upcoming events. Please support them. 
Remember ALL events being attended should be added to the events calendar before the event so we know where you and any kit/bikes are as a duty of care.
Use the drop down options to indicate if a Bike is needed and the fundraising team will confirm which bike is available.
Make sure it’s clear what kit resources  are also needed in the event details (bike, pop-up gazeebo etc).
After the event be sure to submit a fundraising event form so that we know how much has been raised and who attended. 
So, have you got a good fundraising idea? It’s easy to make it happen – simply contact the events team via who will firstly advise on the possibility of doing the event (sometimes past experience gives us a pointer on how to proceed with it or it may clash with another event or someone may already be doing it) and tell you what you need to do regarding getting hold of buckets and gazebo’s etc. They can also help you with booking the event and getting any fees paid. Invite some other Freewheelers to help out and BOOM! You’ve met your target for the year. Go on – grasp the nettle 🙂

What to do with money raised at an event or talk ?

Cheques donated should be made payable to Freewheelers EVS and can be handed to one of the nominated fundraising leads who can bank the cheques into our account. Alternatively send the cheque to our Treasurer along with a covering note to state who from, which event and if you have done a thank you letter to include a copy for reference, or if one needs doing, then the contact details will be required. 
Cash donations can be handed to the same nominated individuals,
OR if you complete a deposit tracker form showing the details of when, who for, how much and again any contact details for correspondence Freewheelers EVS  via sort code 40-52-40  and account 00020086 quoting the event Name  and email the deposit tracker to so it can cross referenced.
note: deposit trackers and thank you templates are all available in the members downloads section, however DO NOT deposit any monies into your own bank and then transfer.  Please refer to the guide on cash handling process or contact the Treasurer for guidance

Fundraising Guides Not sure what’s involved, or need some reference documents if setting up an event, then please go to the Document Management System (from the left hand menu) then choose the Fundraising Folder where you can find lots of useful reference material.


Our old Photo Gallery

You can login to the SmugMug gallery with the username and the password “hondast1300”. When you are logged into the gallery you can add your own images or even sub-galleries. Please be sure to complete things like gallery title and image captions. There are some very clever pieces of software supplied by SmugMug to to bulk uploads to the website from software such as Picasa, or simply upload from a directory on a PC or Mac. If you have any problems, please contact a committee member.

Sharing new photos will members and public

Most Freewheelers who attend events or out and about on duty take photos which can be used for our social media platforms and websites. If you have any photos to share, please load them onto the Slack channel #photosforsocialmedia  along with a brief description and location/time stamp.  Ensure anyone in the photo has given permission to be used on social media especially where children or vulnerable individuals have been captured.

If you post on your own social media and happy to share, then don’t forget to tag us
Freewheelers via @freewheelers
Twitter  via @freewheelersevs
Instagram via   @ freewheelers.evs
LinkedIn  via

Presentations & Publicity Material

Please refer to the Talks folder in the members downloads section,  or the slack channel #presentation_material for latest material or reach out to a committee member.


Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 

Logo Guidelines:  Winning the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service gives us a lifelong right to display the logo (seen at the top right of all our web pages) on our stationery, publicity materials and our website. However, there a strict guidelines on how the logo must be used. Please read and understand the following document before using the images supplied below. (Right-click links to save file)

  • Logo guidelines
  • High resolution logo for on-screen or web use: JPEG

Weather Checks

Use to check the current conditions – just hover over Filton, Lulsgate etc to get live detail, or click on them for the forecast. For tweets go to see what other groups are up to.