To use our service please call: 0300 800 1907

Mon – Thurs (7pm – 7 am)    Weekends 24/7 (Fri 7pm – Mon 7am)

Diverting Freewheelers EVS Phone Number

0300 800 1907

Freewheelers uses a call handling service from Net Telco. The NHS customer calls one number, which is forwarded to a nominated UK landline or mobile number.

As a Coordinator you should forward to the number that is most convenient for you, but please bear costs in mind if you do have a choice between mobile and landline.

The preferred method for diverting the callout number  is to call from your own phone which helps to check it’s registered correctly, then follow the instructions.


Please refer to SOP 011   which is available in the Members / Downloads / Membership Information / Standard Operating Procedures folder


 Occasionally there are problems with the on-call numbers, if this happens please contact Chief Co-ord (Megan) or Chair  (Mel Rowbottom)

Please note:  If on weekday Co-ord duty and you are unable to keep the phone diverted to your own number during the day, then please divert to 07918603191 (Chair) until you go back on duty that evening evening.  This should be by exception only.