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Bike Handover

Please follow these instructions carefully. It is essential that we get handover information for every rider, at the beginning every week when you take over a the bike and before you go on duty.

  • Print off a copy of the Bike Handover Checklist as a guide and use it to thoroughly check the bike, paying extra attention to the condition of the brakes, tyres, oil level and emergency lighting – you don’t want to find out too late that any of these are not working!. The Tyre pressure & tread depth check instructions may also help you.
  • Use the Handover Form below to report mileage, tyre depth / pressure, water level (new bikes) and where necessary complete the text box at the bottom of the form for any faults that you find.
  • Confirm to the coordinator that you have checked over the bike and are happy to ride.

It is essential that we get accurate mileage and tyre tread depths so that we can plan servicing and tyre replacement.

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